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Blanket Insulation Laminating Line


Some indications of lack of insulation include: uneven temperatures, heating/cooling systems frequently turning on and off, high utility bills, and cold floors. If your residential or commercial property is experiencing any of these symptoms, then contact Drain-Tite to transform your property into a comfortable, energy-efficient space with a blanket insulation system. 


Blanket insulation is an effective, affordable solution installed in unfinished walls, floors and ceilings. This system is typically made with fiberglass, which is one of the best materials used for insulation and noise cancellation. Our highly skilled, certified technicians will ensure that the blanket insulation system is successfully installed and resolving all of your energy problems. We also offer additional detailing services such as Typar, Felt Paper, Poly Slips, Acoustical Sealant Caulking at Header/Bottom, Slab Caulking and more.

Blanket Insulation Laminating Line