Under-Slab & Blindside Waterproofing

About Project

One28 King Street, Waterloo project had a high-water table issue which lead to the inquiry of under-slab waterproofing. Under-slab waterproofing can be as critical to the success of weatherproofing a building as waterproofing below-grade walls. This often-overlooked component which has led to a tremendous amount of damage through moisture entry in both liquid and vapor form. A properly designed and install waterproofing membrane will protect the slab from moisture infiltration in its four forms: Hydrostatic pressure, capillary action, vapor migration and condensation.

Blindside waterproofing (Negative side waterproofing) is a waterproofing system for foundation walls below grade. The membrane is attached to the soil-retention system (Shoring, Caisson Piles, etc.) prior to casting the concrete foundation wall against it. This type of construction helps with adjacent properties or other abutting structures to be undisturbed throughout the erection of the project while encapsulating the most square footage.


CTN Developments, Waterloo